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  Agriculture Mechanics  

The Ag Mechanics certification substantiates the acquisition of exceptional skills from three areas that have been taught in Louisiana agricultural programs for decades: small gas engines, electrical wiring and welding. The IBC creates employability for completers who prefer work in industries that: farm, install, construct, repair, maintain, produce, fabricate, and manufacture. Long-term job growth provided by the Louisiana Workforce Commission estimates 168,300 new jobs created by 2026, of which 12.6% (21,220) fall into the previously mentioned industry needs. It will be vital that future Louisiana entry level job applicants possess the applied knowledge engendered through this curriculum. Furthermore, the ability to think tactfully, transfer knowledge, and acquire more advanced technical skills is cultivated by the unique nature of this IBC earning process. This IBC addresses an imperative requirement in the Louisiana of the future for team members with authentic experiential backgrounds which produce in them the confidence to solve problems, the intellect to create new systems, and the logic to adapt to ever-increasing technological advancement in mechanical work.

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